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Mont-Royal, QC H4T 1B1

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Déménagement Expérience Hiring


Déménagement Éxperience is recruiting!

Here’s your chance to be part of our dynamic team. Leading the Montreal moving industry, we offer full time work with many benefits. If you are hard working, reliable, honest, punctual, devoted and able to work in a fast paced environment, wait no longer and call today or send your resume to [email protected]


Mastering Moves: Inside Our Training Program

Our new employees go through what we call a Proper Moving Technique Training (PMTT) which is a one week course on hands on techniques held by two senior instructors. Theses trainees will learn the proper methods for packing, wrapping, lifting, carrying and loading furniture. 

As a customer, you will never see an inexperienced mover, even our newly hired employees with 10 years of experience are required to go through our training.

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