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Expertise in Commercial Relocations

Trust your business’s move to the experts at Déménagement Expérience. With years of experience and a commitment to professionalism, we understand the unique needs of commercial relocations. From small offices to large corporate spaces, our team ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Professional Commercial Move demenagement experience

At Déménagement Éxperience, Corporate relocation is our specialty. We are well aware of cost of downtime. With Montreal’s largest fleet of trucks and professional movers and strategic execution for a proper planning, we are ready to take on any office move in a single night. We can mobilize fully trained commercial movers to take care of any size of move at anytime.

By contacting our office you will receive an estimate with one or more of our expert corporate planners that will follow your move from start to end, up close and personal with his personal contact information for a 24/7 on call service

Expert Relocations

Seamless commercial moves, regardless of scale.

Tailored Solutions

Personalized approach for your business's unique needs.

Careful Handling

Precision in managing sensitive equipment and documents.

Business Continuity

Minimize disruptions during the relocation process.

Industrial Moves

Efficient Industrial Moves

Déménagement Éxperience moving equipment requires extensive experience. With over 15 years experience in the business, our highly trained industrial moving teams have seen it all. Our professionals have moved everything from the most fragile electronic medical equipment to heavy weight machinery such as 20 tons generators. With our vast inventory of equipment including lifts and cranes, Déménagement Éxperience is here to prove that anything can be moved!

Our teams are the best in the city and our fleet has been voted #1 in the business 5 years in a row. With our customers at heart and the trade of moving under our belts, we would be glad to assist with your move.

industrial moving companies

Detailed Planning

Precise coordination for a smooth transition.

Safety Compliance

Strict adherence to industrial regulations.

Heavy Machinery Specialis

Experts in relocating industrial equipment.

Specialized Handling

Advanced techniques for safe equipment transport.



Free Consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss all the details of your commercial move, including pricing, responsibilities, and services.


Customer Requirements

Receive a comprehensive list of customer requirements and responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition.


Detailed Itinerary

Get precise details about the date, time, and addresses for your commercial move.


Personalized Planning

Benefit from one or more meetings with our moving coordinator and supervisor, alongside your chosen leaders, to create a customized moving plan tailored to your business needs.


Employee Training

Access instruction forms distributed by your lead hands to train all employees simultaneously, ensuring everyone is prepared for the move.


Labeling System

Utilize color-coded stickers and markers to tag every item to be moved, facilitating organized packing and unpacking.


Comprehensive Schedule

Receive a detailed schedule outlining all phases of the move, including dates, times, and strategies.


Pre-Move Inspection

Conduct an inspection of contents at both origin and destination to assess any potential damages beforehand, minimizing liability and ensuring proper insurance coverage.

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